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Wrightia Religiosa

The Water Jasmine Bonsai of Boh Chit Hee




27cm x 26cm

480 Pages

About 500 photos


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First Edition (500 Copies)

Launched on

8 December 2020

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Author's words

Although my current and previous jobs mostly involve photography, I find myself spending very little time thinking about it. Instead, my mind is always filled with classical music, most of the time subconsciously. Photography is the medium through which I express how I see these musical structures.


I began restoring the photos that fill this book back in 2011, and showcased about thirty samples during my first trip to the USA in 2012. People were fascinated by them - they had never seen this style of bonsai before. Following that, I came home and spent the next seven to eight years restoring several thousand more photos.


The structure and flow of this book draws inspiration from Beethoven's 3rd symphony, the work that launched the Romantic movement and is regarded by many to be the greatest symphony ever written. The dual cliffs on the cover represent the two opening chords of the symphony that, according to the great conductor Leonard Bernstein, "shattered the elegant formality of the 18th century".

The rear cover shows the back view of the same bonsai, giving readers the sense of having sailed past the cliffs as they read from cover to cover. Along with the weight of the book, I also hope to give readers the feeling of lifting up the actual bonsai.

The phrase “no two performances of the same symphony are ever the same"  is a perfect analogy for the evolving nature of the book - minor changes will be made if the opportunity for subsequent prints arises. It will also reflect the spontaneous growth and ever-changing shape of a living bonsai.

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